Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ripped lips

and a wish to stop pretending
that everything's going downhill
just for the sake of a story.
we're beautiful just the way we are
naked and freckled and sprinkled with baby hairs in the most endearing places.
our bodies moving fluidly with the motion
the feel of the jigsaw pieces fitting flawlessly
i am so in love with a boy
he owns my body; not my life.
i own his body; not his life.
we are getting better. collectively.
i know you can feel it. these emotions are genuine.
i want to be your medicine
i know the spots you like to be touched
and the subjects that grate at your nerves
i know your smile when you're lit up with love
and i know the smile you give when it is returned
our lives are chaos compressed into tiny spaces where our brains reside
but when we combine, there is harmony in the cacophony.
the chains link up
the angel hits the high note
the light flashes before your eyes like the first time it ever did
and the world keeps turning
and the sea keeps churning
the mixtures within
and the music swells until it breaks
bursting with such pride
hidden in the confines of that labyrinth you keep locked inside your chest
like someone's gonna steal it.
i'm here to break you out
i'm here to hold your hand
through every shitstorm we face
together we are stronger

we are writing the most beautiful poem
and you know it
this story's nowhere near its ending
we haven't even hit the climax yet

i'm here for you, my love.
everyday. anytime.
i'm here.