Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"if i kissed your neck, would you slit my throat?"

i can still feel you. unsteady hands, the warmth of breath on your stomach. the way you twist under hands. smooth skin. the dip of a waist. curves and your legs spread with you pressed against me. shaking arms, perched overtop. accidental touches. your mouth on mine. the texture of my lips after kissing. the taste. feeling soft and sexy.
you can't see my blush in the dark. shifting on a noisy bed.
the carefulness of your hands. the way you hold me against you. "it hurts a little." i can still feel it. the hollow of my throat is marked. feel me swallow. the nervousness of my hands on you.
i'm sorry i remind you of her.
i just want to make you feel better and i don't know how.

"we said we weren't going to do this again."
i hope you know i never meant it. i still crave you.
it's nothing as heavy as you think. (i'll regret it in the morning) but you know i love you.
best friends forever.