Friday, April 25, 2008

spread those wings, sparrow kid.

sometimes i go cross-eyed and squeeze my eyes so tight i see white when they're open. feel cold sweat, total heat, nothing i'd deny.
then i'm disheveled and distant. i can't form words to save my life. everything's got a tone no one wants to hear. everything's gone magnified, every action more refined. every kiss simple and chaste. every kid young and perfect.

you're the cornflake colored kid with the honey blonde hair and the dust of freckles on their shoulders. wash out the past with hazy days, green weeks and forever dreams. baby blue baby boy. your haystack hair, your long, lithe limbs. the blonde sprinkling of hair. almost ethereal. pure blue eyes reflected from the waves. sparrow body, puppy eyes. olive branches in your hair and there's no better way to be in love. wrap yourself up in thin, salty clothes. wait for nothing. robin hood of the west coast angels. the reflection of your delicacy is found in your bold actions. beagle, basset hound, retriever. (this) man's best friend. light brown love. forever loyal. you are my pup.

Monday, April 14, 2008

and, back to me.

this is just something so unsolvable.
in an empty house. wanting to be clean.
spill the blues down on the floor just to see.
collect the drugs in a box under your bed.
just in case of a case of something.
just block out the light with your fist, look to the side.
i know. i know. i know. tune down and out. always.

fix this.

Monday, April 7, 2008

cold knuckles and dismissal.

i'm sick of reading fiction because the world's just not made like that. authors of the world unite together to stack my hopes up against the wind.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


a note to everyone:
i don't like anyone.
i don't like you.
and i don't like me.
i can honestly say i'm not just saying this for effect.
so mock it all you want. you'll say the same thing one day.
hey, i'm trying, though. don't write me off.
nothing's perfect but at least i'm trying to get it close.
at least. i am.