Sunday, February 3, 2008

I saw the future tonight. or a ditch of it.

roots. a burgundy cover of inverted topsoil. the roots are white and seem to glow. the soil around the burgundy area is a solid-scratchy color of beige-white. it has cracks in it or so it seems. the layer after is grey-beige-black, with ivory roots coming straight through. the walls seem to form now, around. we are in the opposite corner, rounded corner, of course. looking at the opposite side to the left of us. the cracks are black in the first layer and white in the lower layer. the last layer is a seemingly inpenetrable rock of black. solid darkness. but if you look on the edges, before the hole goes down, down, into the earth, the roots barely make its way around the rock, around the big black darkness if only for a short and small while. the cracks i believe continue on a small bit after the roots make their mark on it, but they are evident almost to the center, albeit only one or two visible, and only if you look very very hard. the shading around the top of the hole is dark green and a solid kind of black, mixed but not marbleized. the plant's stem seems to grow above and make dark leafy paths into the dark air around it, but it seems almost mutated, or short and close to the ground. it crawls around the top, but almost an inch above where the topsoil starts. the burgundy layer slowly shifts into the white one, making a shallow dent in the ground. there are white veins in the burgundy soil. there seems to be tan all around, on the outside of this ditch, it's there but it's almost as if we've come upon this discovery simply by chance. the radience of all the colors glow for another minute.

until the tired mother digs her trowel into the ground and pulls the weed out by its base. the summer is coming and she needs to level out the ground for her garden.