Monday, January 7, 2008

i can tell, you're raising hell.

i've never been a stargirl. i keep hiding my face in my hands.
you say the best lines and reference the most credible things, and i'm having trouble with existing right now.
maybe i can blame some of it on physical capabilities and clumsy hands.
probably not.

i like to say it's a throwback to the '05 days.
which isn't a good thing, in all honesty.

"i just wanna feel how you do tonight.
give me your warm-weather heart,
and hand over that head you've so badly broken.

i can play doctor,
give you a pill and some med-term advice,
but the truth is that all i want
is to put your blood in mine.

and feel what you are,
heavy in my veins
and pumping through my heart.

all i want is to be you for a second.
so i can understand."