Saturday, December 15, 2007


i just. i just. don't know.
it feels like i'm living in a third person perspective.
i cant. i just can't feel anymore.
i mean, everything physical, everything is supposed to be okay.
it just. isn't.
like i'm living in the back of my mind, the part that feels so strange when you even think about thinking in that way. that's what i'm living in. the back room of your thoughts and the background music, that's me.
i mean, i can think, i can breathe, i can sleep, i can exist,
it's just that i have no heart in it, nothing seems to effect me in any way.
it does but it's just so masked.
it does but it's just so held back.
the tears form in my eyes, still, yeah, but they never fall now. they're stuck.