Sunday, November 11, 2007

dance, dance, dance, dance, dance to the radio.

I want to eat this shitty food you write about. i will make my own judgement.

the academy is tonight. feeling more morose than happy, though. my head got all mixed up last night with control. can't think straight anymore-- she's lost control is playing in my brain on infinite repeat.
stomachache kinda feeling. seeing ex best friends for the first time. hope my fist won't fly anywhere. placidly hanging at my side, the clenching will be the thing to give me bruises if anything.
if i am going to be perfectly honest, i do believe that i will be falling asleep tonight on the shoulder of someone i do not know; the crowd makes me drowsy, what else can i say.
looking forward to a future of no computers and books around every bend. music is not reduced to files, but orchestras on vinyl. i will be the one to fix this world if i can jsut compress, compress, compress these feelings. coal into a diamond and all.

i am tired. i have tried.