Tuesday, October 16, 2007

throwing up rainbows is harder than it sounds. (and more disgusting, i suppose)

"and if my conscience is a cricket then my heart is a wasp."

looking for company in lyrics, oh, i can't find any anymore. maybe i have to write my own.
i trace my lips with the nail on my pinky finger, the delicate skin ripples and creates mental sensations. i pretend it is you because i can't believe anything else anymore.
seperated mind from heart one day and found there was nothing left in the middle.
i don't think i can do this anymore. but if i drop it, what'll i do? oh, god, what'll i do?
no more notes from the phone unless i am in dire need of health. no more.
been down lately but getting back up on air balloons of company. gotta stay grounded but not like that.
talking about myself like it's going out of style. according to the magazines it is.
my stomach is too full to hold anything else tonight; that bullshit pie you've baked will have to wait until tommorrow.

"oh yeah im sorry for breaking your nose
and my heart
and that promise
and your dream"

re-addicted to the skies above; please, feed me no more of your lies, my love.
you are a dissapointment. i am too but a different kind.

no i am not talking about whatever you think i am. hate crimes rampage on in my mind against those rebelling thoughts that manage to get the hell out of dodge.
i dont understand but neither do you. so why was it written.