Saturday, October 27, 2007

sometimes when i pop bubbles, smoke comes out.

"you say you wanna revolution? well, we all wanna change the world."

my mind's caught in this song so i'm just gonna leave you with notes from the phone.

everything you couldn't do this year.
it's all gonna be okay, kid. don't let yourself think in absolutions, it only brings you down. slept for 12 hours in some whacked out dreamland with red cats and halfway real helicopters. everyone has a flaw or seven and it's okay. it's perfectly fine. i'll watch all my friends rush to the scene, of philosophies, i don't agree.
not even the suicide hotline will pickup for me. i feel like ive been living in a cloud and i wont get out until i've defeated all the demons inside of me. but i am weak. and my head can't handle much right now. and i fear for the future, like everyone else. how many tylenols does it take to overdose? i want to know. i gotta get my head right again. dont know how. ive used up all the blueprints.

but i'll be okay, oh, god, i'll be fine. just keep talking.