Thursday, October 18, 2007

driving in a car through tennessee with earbuds taking me far far away from the back of this truck.

so nervous, bordering the lines of insanity. venom, shot under my skin. you can feel the poison slither and spread, thick and heavy in your blood. it consumes your brain, choking it with its fist of addiction until it squeals out a last submissive cry, and is lost. your veins shake then, mimicking your heart beat, only far less comforting and far less steady. knees buckle, hands quiver, and you are lost, so lost to this disease you've inflicted.

feeling a little bit lately like everyone who ever offered compliments on anything, just didn't know what better things were out there. a little stupid but so am i.
i can never measure up. it's all this chicken scratch that my brain spews out, it's ruining me. it's just. not. good. enough.

i want to crawl inside the things i dont know.