Wednesday, September 5, 2007

new addictions and old habits. everything is conscious in the light.

notes from the phone.

it is 5am and my head is swimming. a lot is happening in my brain and i can't figure out just what tobelive-- the dream seems so real and the real seems barely there. I want people to think of me and I don't truly care how. is there a disease in my brain or is it all in my head? I'm going to ask today, i swear i will.
it's this new thing where I feel like I've seen and done what I want to--i truly can't tell if i'm wrong or not. nothing profound is coming from this and i'm preaching from my deathbed anyways.
i am jealous of all your lives (i'm considering theft rather than observery.)i've regressed, i know, but maybe i'll feel better after it's all said and done (or i'll just be scrambling.)

in other news, I am going on antidepressants. call the media!